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Natralis – Play with Colour, Connect with Place

Commercial vinyl flooring might not be the stuff of architectural dreams...but that was precisely the challenge Armstrong Flooring laid down for Nexus Design with their Natralis collection - make the architectural creators and thinkers take notice of what is literally - below them. The Natralis Brief With local production stretching back over sixty years, Armstrong Flooring is Australia’s only manufacturer of commercial vinyl-sheet flooring. Recently launched, the Natralis collection not only fulfils the practical requirements of commercial flooring—but, through the use of colour, also connects, on an aesthetic level, interior environments to the flora, fauna, animals, and places of Australia—a...

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Student Design Contest 2023 – Seasons in Type

student design contest seasons in type

Our annual Student Design Contest, Seasons in Type, yielded another fab crop of entries - Here are the winners... The annual BJ Ball/Ball & Doggett Student Design Contest for 2023 followed the same format as in previous years. Two calendars were produced—one for Australia printed by Special T Print in Sydney, and a New  Zealand version printed by Centurion in Auckland. Both featured winners from their respective countries as well as a selection of ‘best of the best’ trans-Tasman winners that appeared in both. The Brief The contest brief was simple—create a colour palette for one of the four Seasons,...

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The Message Stick – Identity & Resilience

The Message Stick

What we do is not learned or taught… It's lived, it's in our blood! It's our identity! Pat Caruso, founder and director of We Create Print Deliver, is, first and foremost, an Eastern Arrernte First Nations Graphic Designer and Artist. GSM talks with Pat about his unique story in search of his bi-cultural identity. Pat’s journey to reconnect with his Eastern Arrernte roots is a powerful testament to identity and resilience. Especially when we consider how it was disrupted by his mother’s removal in the 1950s. Through his business and art, Pat has bridged his personal and community identity. He...

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Navigating Bi-Cultural Design

pakeha paralysis

In this installment of Rākau Kōrero, we talk to design educator Carl Pavletich about navigating bi-cultural design from a non-Māori perspective. For Pākehā, navigating the bi-cultural design process feels uncomfortable— like floating in a proverbial waka without a hoe. When your life experience falls heavily on the Western/Pākehā side of the scales, the bi-cultural journey is dauntingly steep and disorientating. Much of what we do, we do without thinking. For example, when we master a skill, we create subconscious shortcuts. Mātauranga Māori challenges us to question our worldviews and reassess much of what we thought was true. Participating in a bi-cultural...

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Marita Leuver – Creativity Takes you places!

Marita Leuver

Australian designer Marita Leuver is best known for her work promoting festivals and public spaces. Strong forms, bold colour and illustrative typography characterise her design sensibility. GSM takes a look... The Leuver Family - creativity throughout Born into a creative family with dad, Peter Leuver, an Art Director, and mum, Joan Leuver, an illustrator, plus four siblings—all of whom are blessed with artistic flair—it is easy to understand why Marita likens her childhood to the American television drama, ‘Mad Men’. Marita studied at Randwick Technical College in Sydney—excelling in the two year graphic design programme. Marita’s sister, and one-time co-designer,...

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Some products are so powerful in what they represent to us as humans, they are difficult to capture on a printed page. GSM takes a look at  one such product for NZ producer of wood burners, Woodsman... Technical vs Emotional Fire and heat emote us on a deeply primal level. As humans, we all respond to these feelings of warmth, comfort and security. But how do you capture this feeling in a two-dimensional flat format? This was the challenge for Christchurch-based creative agency Imagic following a recent brand update for Woodsman: create a sales brochure that provides technical information—and yet,...

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Quick Chat Creative – Tony Downing

tony downing

Industry veteran Tony Downing shares a few thoughts about why print is still very much relevant in marketing. In today’s digital age, where online advertising dominates the marketing landscape, it’s easy to overlook the power of print. A recent encounter at a local café reminded Tony Downing of print materials’ enduring influence and significance in promoting a business. While enjoying breakfast at Bobby Franks in Nelson, I noticed three individuals enthusiastically flipping through the Nelson City Guide beside me. Curiosity sparked, I struck up a conversation and discovered that they were Australian visitors relying on the guide to plan their...

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The Hedonist – Label Rebrand

The Hedonist

In pursuit of modernising and strengthening their long-standing brand, The Hedonist team approached Byerlee Design, a creative studio specialising in alcohol & beverage brands. GSM takes a look... The Hedonist Vineyard The Hedonist vineyard, located in the Willunga foothills of McLaren Vale, Australia, is run by Walter Clappis, veteran winemaker of 36 years, along with daughter Kimberly and her partner James Cooter. They are passionate about making their wines using certified biodynamic and organic vineyards and winemaking practices. Byerlee Design was engaged to reinvigorate, rather than rebuild, The Hedonist brand. As James explains, ‘We had been following Byerlee’s work on...

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Quick Chat Print – Rawson Print & Packaging

rawson print & packaging

Andrew Price from Rawson Print & Packaging joins us to discuss the importance of diversification and sustainability within the print industry, as well as re-branding.   In 2022, Sydney-based Rawson Print & Packaging produced the Ball & Doggett 2023 calendar, showcasing work from last year's BJ Ball and Ball & Doggett Student Design Contest. As part of this, they opened the doors to the student winners and invited them to see their work come to life. This was a great learning opportunity that was well-received. To acknowledge that the team at Rawson went above and beyond—we decided to return and...

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‘ARGO’ –

Argo Mash

Set within the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel on Hong Kong Island, is cocktail bar Argo. GSM investigates how the Four Seasons Hong Kong approached Adelaide-based design studio, Mash. And the journey to create a name, brand identity and collateral items for a new high-end bar offering. The Ship 'Argo' After creative development and workshopping, the name chosen was ‘Argo’. Steeped in Greek mythology, around the story of ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ and their fabled quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece, Argo was the ship Jason sailed in search of the treasure.  As a high-end bar, Argo is also on a quest—...

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