Fount-Via relying on Tactile Finishes to create a Premium Look

This catalogue, comprising two documents contained
within a slip-sleeve, showcases art pieces compiled for
sale by auction from the private collection of Adrian Burr &
Peter Tatham. The design of the catalogue is both classic
and elegant in its simplicity, relying on tactile finishes to
create a premium look befitting the expected value of the
items for sale.
CREATIVE: Fount-Via: Felix Henning-Tapley & Warren Olds
PRINT: Graeme Brazier Ltd with Bluestar Collard
CLIENT: Art + Object
PROJECT: The Collection of Adrian Burr & Peter Tatham
STOCK: + BJ Ball Crescendo 1 Sided 350gsm: Slip-sleeve
+ BJ Ball Evergreen Environment Wrought Iron & Honeycomb 270gsm: Covers
+ BJ Ball Royal Offset 120gsm: Text
+ BJ Ball Sumo Matt 150gsm: Text
PRINT SPEC: CMYK (Offset) + gloss aqueous seal: Slip-sleeve Black foil: Covers CMYK (Offset) + satin aqueous seal: Text PUR Binding