Issue #15


  • INSPIRATION: Alan Fletcher: Designer, typographer, artist and co-founder of one of the world’s leading independent agencies—Pentagram, we take a look at the work of this British design legend.
  • PRINT & PAPER: Labelling: BJ Ball (NZ) and Ball & Doggett (AU) stock the innovative Wausau range of substrates to their roll solution adhesive labelling products. These amazing products are set to push the boundaries of what can be done when it comes to creating ‘off-the-shelf’ impact.
  • QUICK CHAT PRINT: UV Print Technology: We talk to Peter Lloyd, from Kale Print, about UV technology and how it is helping bridge the gap between offset and digital print.
  • INPRINT: Showcasing great print design projects as submitted by readers.
  • BIG IDEA: Marie-Anne Thieffry: All the way from France, we shine a light on her amazing cardboard sculptures.
  • QUICK CHAT CREATIVE: Designer To Tutor: We speak to David Coventon, Senior Lecturer from AUT about his journey into, then out of, then back into – tutoring.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Two Sides CEO, Kellie Northwood, enlightens us on the environment, paper and some of the feel good things about the industry.
  • ARTWORK: We showcase the talent of yet another local illustrator, in this issue it’s Max Thompson, represented through specialist talent agent International Rescue.
  • EDUCATION: Print Embellishments: For this issue, we take a look at three common print embellishments—embossing, debossing and foiling.
  • WORKSHOP: Risography: Jane Maloney, from MK Press, presents us with a showcase of printed gems produced using Risographic printing. Not heard of Riso printing? Nope… well, here you go…
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: The Mohawk Show 2020: The longest running design-for-print award competition is back for 2020… the Mohawk Show. And this time it is global! Check it out!

>> 72 pages, full colour. Advance Laser 300gsm, Silk Matt 128gsm, Advance laser 120gsm.


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