Issue #16


    • INSPIRATION: Gert Sellheim: One of Australia’s leading pioneers of visual communication, Gert Sellheim is known for the iconic Qantas “Flying Kangaroo” logo as well as being one of those responsible for The Golden Age of Australian Posters in the 1930s/40s.
    • DESIGN ASSEMBLY: The Lost Time Project: Alice Murray and Lauren Priestley use creativity to make meaningful change. In order to convey a visual representation of what the pay disparity between men and women within the design industry looks like, they created a wall calendar showing the 57 days of lost time.
    • QUICK CHAT PRINT: Investing in uncertain times. We talk with Dan Wheeler from Freedom Plus, Palmerston North, who shares his thoughts on why 2020 was the perfect time to grow their business.
    • PRINT & PAPER: Design for Public Good. GSM talks with Chris Flack, Strategy Design, about his latest passion project – Mate Act Now – and how design can be used as a force for public good.
    • EDUCATION: Case Binding. Join us in a tour of a bindery to see exactly how a hard backed book is made – it’s quite a craft!
    • SPECIAL FEATURE: Pride in Print 2020. This beautiful piece of packaging art won the Supreme award at Pride in Print, as well as Silver at Best and Distinction at the AGDA awards.
    • INPRINT: Showcasing great print design work as submitted by readers.
    • LABELS: Wausau Labels. GSM reviews BJ Ball’s amazing new label range, as showcased by Rapid Labels in their ‘13 Spirits’ promotion kit.
    • QUICK CHAT CREATIVE: From Student to Studio. For final year students the prospect of moving into industry can seem daunting. Josiah Rees, former Bachelor of Design student of ARA, Christchurch, talks us through his transition.
    • CASE STUDY: Harcourts & i_Consignment. For any business running their own in-house printery, tracking and ordering consumables can be quite the headache. See how Harcourts teams up with BJ Ball i_consignment to streamline their supply of paper.
    • EDUCATION: Chop Chop – Knife Formes. Follow us around the premises of a die-maker and a packaging specialist to see how the ubiquitous cardboard box is made.
    • EDUCATION: Sustainably Paper. In order to tackle climate change in the manufacturing world we are increasingly turning towards sustainable solutions that also reduce permanent landfill. It turns out paper is a winner on both these fronts.
    • BIG IDEA: Dispatching the Plastic. GSM subscribers received their last issue in a Home Compostable Film. This issue of GSM is wrapped in paper thanks to Western, one of the leading direct marketing delivery specialists in NZ.
    • STUDENT LIFE: Student Calendar Contest. For years, the BJ Ball Calendar Contest was a mainstay for design students. In 2020, BJ Ball re-introduced the Calendar Contest  – check out the winners!
    • SPECIAL FEATURE: Best 2020. Auckland studio, Extended Whanau, was awarded the 2020 prestigious Purple Pin for their project, Otairongo. GSM takes a look…

>> 64 pages, full colour. Royal Offset Hi Brite 250gsm, Magno Plus Satin 115gsm, Knight Smooth 105gsm.

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