Caden Larsen – Natural Papers Mimicking Nature

This student project was directed towards learning Runic language and culture. The book comprises of a series of semi-abstract images taken around my home and the surrounding forest area of the Waitakere Ranges. The book is accompanied by a series of images of the bush printed on translucent Gilclear paper. The reader can then overlay them onto the internal pages to create different effects. Thus mimicking the spectrum of earthy colours and changes in light within the natural environment. The Environment Evergreen stock enhanced both the feel and the print outcome. It was also easy for my binder to work with.
CREATIVE: Caden Larsen
PRINT: Warehouse Stationery & The Binding Studio
CLIENT: Self Promotional
PROJECT: Encapsulated Enclosure
STOCK: BJ Ball Environment Evergreen Concrete 104gsm
BJ Ball Environment Evergreen Honeycomb 104gsm
BJ Ball Environment Evergreen Birch 104gsm
BJ Ball Environment Grocer Kraft Evergreen 104gsm
BJ Ball Environment Evergreen Wrought Iron 104gsm
BJ Ball Gilclear Clearfold 113gsm
PRINT SPEC: Digital CMYK + Gold Foil (cover)