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INSPIRATION: LYNDA WARNER. Starting in the 1970s, Australian graphic artist Lynda Warner forged a successful career at a time when the industry was heavily male-dominated. In addition, Lynda also championed graphic design in her adoptive home of Tasmania, where her strong sense of shape, form, colour and type became a visual marker during the emergence of the region as a producer of quality foodstuffs.

CASE STUDY: UNCLE CHARLIE’S. A 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business—Uncle Charlie’s is making a contribution to the Australian food sector that is far more significant and symbolic than simply being a quality food brand. So, imagine the responsibility of designing packaging for the company—especially when you are non-Aboriginal. Cue Melbourne-based designer Prue Marks who stepped up to mark.

SPECIAL FEATURE: XMAS WRAP. It’s that time of the year when we start thinking of the jolly man in red— and of client gifts. One creative agency in Christchurch has taken client gifting and turned it into a ‘thing’ — a tradition of creating the ultimate client gift… that gets re-gifted.

QUICK CHAT PRINT: PRINT BROKERING. Print Brokering is making something of a comeback—so GSM went along to talk to one such specialist business to get a handle on what it is all about…

INPRINT: A fine selection of print design work as submitted by you dear readers—world famous right here in our own corner of the globe.

EDUCATION: SYNTHETIC PAPER. When is paper… not paper? When it is synthetic paper. Confused? GSM takes a look at Synthetic paper stocks—answering the questions: What are Synthetics? And, why would you use them?

RĀKAU KŌRERO: TALKING STICK. Our new regular article Rākau Kōrero (Talking Stick) — provides a platform for discussing Māori culture and how this relates to our industry. In this instalment, we talk to Dr Johnson Witehira to hear his thoughts about Māori design being led by indigenous designers.

QUICK CHAT CREATIVE: THE ART OF STARTING OUT—II. Following on from our last issue where we talked to Greg Straight about starting out in the world of Illustration—in our second interview, we talk to Bron Alexander about hard work and first paid projects.

CASE STUDY: FOR F*CKS SAKE GIN. The story goes—a group of friends got together to distil small batch gin with a cool label. Surprisingly they actually remember some of this. Here’s the story…

SPECIAL FEATURE: APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR 2022. The annual NZ Pride in Print awards were recently held in Christchurch. A highlight of the night is the much-coveted Apprentice of the Year Award which celebrates excellence in the emerging talent within the print sector. GSM caught up with the finalists—plus the winner.

ENVIRONMENT: LOVE PAPER. Love Paper is a new global campaign being run by The Real Media Collective to promote paper along with all it’s glorious virtues.

SPECIAL FEATURE: PACPRINT 2022. The annual PacPrint expo event brings the Australian print industry together under one roof. Ball & Doggett were in attendance hosting a discussion about
‘Sustainability in Action’—and—playing table tennis. GSM went along for a look…

CASE STUDY: AUSSIE WOOL. We take a deep dive into the beautifully produced Trust in Australian Wool brochure designed by Canberra-based agency Inklab.

STUDENT LIFE: FIRST GIGS. With the end of the year looming—we thought it an ideal time to ask our friends at Portfolio Recruitment for a few pointers when it comes to securing that all important ‘first industry gig’. Soon–to–be graduates—this one is for you.


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