Kimberley Zhou – The craft & beauty of print

The practice of foot binding was outlawed in 1911 but it became a lost tradition that persisted in China for a millennium. The practice of foot binding has been looked back on as a ghastly and distressing practice. However, in spite of this, there is a craft and beauty which have been overlooked. The focus of this editorial is to emulate the beauty of the tradition, reflected in the elegantly embroidered silk slippers and the dainty walk of Chinese women. It would also uncover the hidden pain and suffering the women experienced and covered up to please their future husband. This piece of work, read from right to left, is a delicate hand-bound editorial. Papers have been selected to reflect this aesthetic. For example, a delicate rice paper for the text and a red card, with laser cut window, to reveal each chapter.
CREATIVE: Kimberley Zhou
CLIENT: International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD)
PROJECT: The Process of Foot Binding Booklet
STOCK: + Sumi-e Japanese Rice paper
+ Navy & Red card