Pride in Print Award Supreme Winner 2020 – BeeNZ

PIP Supreme Award winner

The Pride in Print Awards represent the pinnacle achievement for excellence within the local print industry. GSM takes a look at the 2020 Supreme Award Winner... Synergy—that special magic that occurs when everyone is in complete unison and the resulting outcome is greater than the sum of the parts. So, for a project that scoops a Silver at Best (2019), a Distinction at the AGDA Awards (2019) and the Supreme Award Winner at Pride in Print 2020 the word you use is—synergy. The Story behind the Honey A few years back, Katikati based honey producer BeeNZ happened to have a...

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How to Create Off-the-Shelf Impact with your Label

Wausau Self Adhesive Labelling

Self adhesive labels are often used in the beverage market - a highly competitive environment. To make your product stand out on the shelf, BJ Ball have recently introduced Wausau's innovative self adhesive labels. GSM15 takes a look... Recently, BJ Ball announced the sole distributorship of Wausau self-adhesive labels in New Zealand. This follows on from Ball & Doggetts, who have carried this range for a number of years in Australia. These new products, manufactured in the USA by Wausau Coated, open a whole new world of creative possibilities when it comes to ‘off-the-shelf’ impact. Based on Wausau’s long history...

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Home Compostable Film – eliminating plastic naturally

home compostable

The next time you receive a magazine or direct mail piece in your letterbox, check out how it is wrapped. It may not be what it seems! For a long time the plastic wrap has been one of the few ways to ensure your product arrived in pristine condition. Until recently, sourcing an alternative, which is both waterproof and tamper resistant, has been problematic. However, the traditional plastic wrap is finally being replaced with a more eco-friendly and sustainable option – the home compostable wrap. In this article, GSM investigates why investing in a home compostable wrap is good for...

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An Eco-friendly Alternative to Bubble wrap

Geami Greenwrap Eco-friendly Alternative

When it comes to caring for the environment making just one small change can have a positive effect on our world! David Goodrich and Michael Hurwitz’s are great believers in this. What they didn't realise was that their one small change would actually become a business venture for them. They were looking for an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Their business was to safely transport glass containers of blood. But, they didn't want to use plastic. There had to be an eco-friendly alternative. Alternative to Bubble Wrap Together, they came up with the idea of using cells to dissipate shock....

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging – Eco 6 Pack Ring

Plastic waste is a severe problem around the world. As we strive to move to a Circular Economy innovative companies search to replace plastic with environmentally friendly packaging. Here's an example... One of the major offenders is the plastic six pack ring. We've all seen images of turtles or birds ensnared in them. But it's not just the visible suffering of the animals which is of concern. The hidden danger is what happens to the plastic as it breaks down.  More than 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. As it breaks down, research suggests...

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