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Christmas Gifting – in the spirit of design

christmas wrap

It’s almost that time of year – when designers begin thinking about Christmas Gifts for clients. We take a look at how one Kiwi Creative Agency has turned festive giving into a tradition…

NZ creative agency Strategy has established a reputation in producing innovative and curious Christmas gifts for their clients & suppliers. So much so, that would-be recipients often check in to ensure they are on the list. In particular, their bespoke wrapping paper set. The team at Strategy have produced this annually for more than three decades. In fact, it has become something of a tradition—basically, the ultimate ‘re-gifting’ gift. The brief is simple; every designer working at Strategy gets free reign to express their creativity in creating a Christmas themed design. The creative team then sift the ideas for the most ‘on-point’. These are then printed on a suitably matched paper and go into the ten sheet set.

Now, you might think that after 30 years of designing festive wrap—it would become somewhat challenging to come up with something fresh. Not at all, the Strategy team turn out a mix of new designs every year that never fails to surprise. Spectrum Print, in Christchurch, printed the most recent set (Christmas 2021). It employed print and paper combinations as varied as the designs themselves. From the serious to the fun—tackling climate change to observations of Covid lock-down life—all done with a Christmas theme. It’s gifting—done in the spirit of design.

xmas wrap‘Mysterious Creatures of Xmas’

Reindeer, angels and other creatures combine in this unique illustration style printed in PMS Warm Red and PMS Violet on BJ Ball Sumo Laser 100gsm.


‘A Very Kiwi Meri Kirimete’

This typographic based design by Designer Chris Flack, has an educational element by expressing common Christmas sayings in Te Reo Māori & English. Printed in one colour (PMS877 Silver) on an uncoated black stock.

christmas wrap‘The Christmas Decision Tree’

This design by Mike Peters, provides flowcharts so you can navigate those essential decisions on Christmas day, such as, ‘What’s the Present?’, ‘What should you eat next?’, and (most importantly) ‘Should you have another drink?’. Helpful. Printed in CMYK + PMS802 on BJ Ball Advance Laser 100gsm.

christmas wrap‘The Year in Acronyms’

This design, printed in Process Black on red stock, recounts the year that was 2021 through the use of acronyms—NZL: New Zealand Lockdown… yes, we can probably all relate to that one.

christmas wrap reverse

‘Xmas Climate Change’

Designer Oliver Ward makes a subtle statement about climate change through
photos of toy animals of the African savannah juxtaposed into a snow-scape. On the reverse side are animals from the Polar regions set in a desert. Printed in CMYK on BJ Ball Advance Laser 100gsm.

strategy wrap‘Xmas Face-time’

Men’s Mental Health Month; ‘Movember’, inspired designer, Meg Suthridge to explore Santa’s iconic facial hair. Printed on BJ Ball Evergreen Environment Desert Storm 118gsm using silkscreen white + PMS485 and a Spot UV.

christmas wrap

‘Xmas Campaign Stickers’

Inspired by political campaign slogans, this design embraces the powerful
messaging with a tongue in cheek twist. Printed in PMS Reflex Blue and PMS Bright Red on uncoated stock.

‘Pineapple Cubes’

A seasonal favourite. The power of the cube. Printed in CMYK on uncoated stock.

xray wrap‘X-Ray Christmas Gifts’

Another Mike Peters creation, this wrapping paper reveals the contents of Christmas presents with X-Ray vision. Look closer and you can spot illicit items attempting to be smuggled inside of the toys. Printed using three colour fluoro ink (PMS801, 803, 807) on uncoated stock.

‘Give it a Feel Airmail’

We all like to give our presents a good feel before we open them. This paper encourages
you to do just that with encouragements like ‘squeeze with care’ and ‘prod precisely’. Printed in CMYK on a coated stock.

startegyxmas wrapxmas





GSM would like to thank Strategy Creative (NZ) for assiting us with this article.

This article was originally published in GSM19. To read this and other great articles purchase this issue here.