Ball & Doggett Cookbook – A Curious Mix

At the height of the pandemic, we faced the challenge of communicating with our customers. To overcome this, we created a platform to connect, inspire and celebrate our industry. We developed a YouTube twelve-week interview series with customers so they could tell us their stories. ‘R E S E T with Ball & Doggett, A conversation connecting our industry’ was born. Industry guests joined us to share their experiences and respond to the question, ‘What does optimism mean to you?’ The quotes are a beacon of hope, celebrating the unity within our industry. This inspired the creation of a gift for our staff and customers. Thus, our cookbook concept was born. We asked our national team, ‘What recipes did you and your family enjoy during 2020 that brought you comfort?’. Over thirty contributors shared recipes and photographs. ‘From our Family to Yours, A collection of recipes and shared experience on Optimism.’ What better way to connect and experience cultures with each other than through food. Produced by one of Australia’s leading printers and in collaboration with Arjowiggins as a sponsor, we gifted our customers a piece of ourselves at Christmas.
CREATIVE: Courtney Newman @ Ball & Doggett
PRINT: Southern Impact (Melbourne)
CLIENT: Ball & Doggett
PROJECT: Ball & Doggett Cookbook, From our Family to Yours
STOCK: +Ball & Doggett Curious Matter Goya White 270gsm: Cover
+Ball & Doggett Curious Collection Translucent i-Tone 112gsm: Tip-In
+Ball & Doggett Curious Skin Extra White 135gsm: Text Section 1
+Ball & Doggett Rives Tradition Bright White 120gsm: Text Section 2
+Ball & Doggett Conqueror Wove Diamond White 120gsm: Text Section 3
PRINT SPEC: Printed on Heidelberg XL106—10 Perfector and the 2pp Tip-In printed with four hits of white only on HP Indigo 7800 + PUR Binding