Alba Artisan Boutique Press – Blind Embossing for the Visually Impaired

The original artwork on which these reproductions are based is small (approximately A6) and was created using fine clay, which is very brittle. The artist felt this excluded the visually impaired from experiencing the work. Therefore these reproductions were produced using blind embossing (embossing without a printed image) and mounted in glassless frames so that people could touch the art. The process began by creating a contour drawing of the original using Adobe Illustrator—which took 38 hours. Dan Tait-Jamieson of Moana Road Press then produced the photopolymer plates off the drawing. The actual embossing was done on an old Heidelberg letterpress (circa 1900). On the reverse of the framed reproduction appears a label with the artwork and artist name in both English and Braille.
CREATIVE: Emy Oikawa
PRINT: Alba Artisan Boutique Press
CLIENT: Emy Oikawa @Eclo Art
PROJECT: ‘Stone Ripples’
STOCK: BJ Ball Crane’s Lettra Fluorescent 300gsm
PRINT SPEC: Blind Emboss