Ian Robertson – Relatively Useful

Relatively Useful—an exhibition of furniture and 3-D objects—was hosted at Heide Museum of Modern Art as part of the Melbourne Design Week 2022 and featured the timber, steel and ceramic works of John Wardle and Simon Lloyd. With a number of the exhibited works still in production only days out from the event launch—the production turnaround of the 60 page exhibition catalogue was extremely tight. To ensure the catalogue made the deadline, the publication was designed using folded sections which were left unbound—but contained within a custom-made branded envelope. The concept was based on French art publication, Derriere Le Miroir (pub. 1946—1982).
CREATIVE: Ian Robertson Graphic Design (Melbourne)
PRINT: Bambra Press (Melbourne) / custom-made
Envelope by Northern Tags and Envelopes (Melbourne)
CLIENT: John Wardle & Simon Lloyd
PROJECT: Relatively Useful Exhibition Catalogue
STOCK: + Ball & Doggett Knight Vellum 120gsm (text/reproductions)
+ Ball & Doggett Buffalo Kraft 115gsm (title/essay/colophon)
+ Buffalo Kraft 225gsm (envelope)
PRINT SPEC: Digital CMYK: text and image sections
Single colour (Black) offset: printed Envelope labels
Single colour (Black) offset: printed 4pp title, essay & colophon section