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Harcourts i-consignment

For Digital In-House Printers—The Supply of consumables such as paper can be a headache — but Harcourts Gold Real Estate discovered a solution with i-consignment. GSM investigates... Harcourts gold are a busy real estate agency, servicing 5 offices and 90 agents. Their design team are responsible for the output of a wide variety of marketing materials. A significant amount of which they digitally print in-house. This provides both cost savings and improves time efficiencies. However, one of the challenges for an in-house printery is securing a reliable supply of consumables —with paper being a central requirement. Having experienced issues with...

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Creating a Customer Experience with Impact.

FloorShark Customer Experience

With online shopping providing increased convenience and choice, the successful retailers are those who understand and deliver on customer experience. In fact, we can go as far as saying that it is critical to the success of the traditional brick and mortar store. So, how do they do it? According to a report by The Guardian newspaper – “Shopping online is a cheap and easy option. To be successful in driving in-store footfall, retailers must give customers a reason to visit their stores. They can do this by creating a multi-sensory experience that people actually want to have and –...

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