Creating a Customer Experience with Impact.

FloorShark Customer Experience

With online shopping providing increased convenience and choice, the successful retailers are those who understand and deliver on customer experience. In fact, we can go as far as saying that it is critical to the success of the traditional brick and mortar store. So, how do they do it?

According to a report by The Guardian newspaper – “Shopping online is a cheap and easy option. To be successful in driving in-store footfall, retailers must give customers a reason to visit their stores. They can do this by creating a multi-sensory experience that people actually want to have and – crucially – is “on brand”.” GSM looks at ways to improve customer experience…

Retail design and graphics are a crucial part of delivering the ‘brand promise’. They truly do bring the retail experience to life. Their job is to look great, feel right, deliver the right message and be consistent with the overall brand strategy and values.

This means they need to be versatile, easy to produce and stand the test of time. The new Icon DigiTuff FloorShark does all of this and more.

Floor Shark

Digituff FlooorShark enables the Digital Dry Toner printer to print what has, traditionally, been the domain of Wide Format Printing.

Let’s take a closer look at DigiTuff FloorShark:

  • the Advanced Coating Technology makes it compatible for Dry Toner printers.
  • it is excellent for short run, on demand, prints. You can apply them straight out of the printer tray!
  • the Anti-slip rating, with a “sharkskin” textured surface, makes it safe to use on floors. It also eliminates the need for any additional non-slip rated lamination.
  • PVC free, thus avoiding one of the most toxic substances saturating our planet.
  • the polyester base makes it a very stable product to use. No stretching or distortion, nor rim of adhesive left over time.
  • it is easy to apply and reposition.
  • it is suitable for hard and smooth surfaces and low pile carpets.

Floor Shark

Customer experience is directly related to the store. From the staff right through to the graphics on the walls and floor, you are building an experience that represents your brand and will ultimately influence the perception of your brand. Make it a good one!

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