StudioBand (Adelaide) – Shifting Perception

Tuna has long been perceived as a canned product in the western world. Lacking the premium feel that reflected the prized Southern Ocean delicacy, we were approached with the challenge to create a brand that shifted this perception and elevated the value proposition.
The logo, developed using the ‘golden ratio’, is a typographic representation of the product. The brand line ‘perfectly wild’ encapsulates the essence of the brand. Gold foiling, subtle gradients and dramatic imagery create a premium and distinct look that is distinctly different in stlye from competitors’ brands. Sovereign Offset was chosen for it’s performance as well as being economical. With high ink coverage, dramatic imagery and embellishments, Sovereign Offset was the perfect fit giving a tactile and textural finish.
CREATIVE: StudioBand (Adelaide)
PRINT: Graphic Print Group (Adelaide)
CLIENT: Kin Seafood
PROJECT: Kin Seafood Brochure
STOCK: + Ball & Doggett Sovereign Offset 300gsm: Cover
+ Ball & Doggett Sovereign Offset 180gsm: Text
PRINT SPEC: Offset CMYK + Gold foil + exposed stitch binding