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Pride in Print Award Supreme Winner 2020 – BeeNZ

PIP Supreme Award winner

The Pride in Print Awards represent the pinnacle achievement for excellence within the local print industry. GSM takes a look at the 2020 Supreme Award Winner…

Synergy—that special magic that occurs when everyone is in complete unison and the resulting outcome is greater than the sum of the parts. So, for a project that scoops a Silver at Best (2019), a Distinction at the AGDA Awards (2019) and the Supreme Award Winner at Pride in Print 2020 the word you use is—synergy.

The Story behind the Honey

PIP award winnerA few years back, Katikati based honey producer BeeNZ happened to have a barrel of their highest ever UMF rated Manuka Honey (29+). The UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor. It is used to describe the level of methylglyoxal. Methylglyoxal is the major antibacterial component naturally present in this type of honey. Just for the record, a UMF of 29+ is extremely high and rare. A rating this high only occurs through the absolute balance of the key ingredients—Time, Location, Climate and the right amount of attention from the Bees. There goes that word again – Synergy!

BeeNZ decided to turn this honey into a premium gift item as it’s the type of product that is very popular with international consumers. They engaged Tauranga based studio, Society, to develop the packaging solution for what became 29+ Manuka UMF. Society used the narrative of Time, Place, Climate and the Honey Bee. The result is this striking design.

This project, however, required more than design alone. Production craftsmanship from Logick Print & Graphics, in Auckland, made it all happen. And it was this entry by Logick Print that scooped the Supreme Award at Pride in Print last year.

The Result – Award Winning Packaging

The box itself is a very dark green featuring a blind emboss to create a beautiful textured effect. Offset against the deep green is a stunning gold foil with embossed detailing. The package also includes an accompanying booklet featuring rounded-cut corners and an exposed sewn saddle bind.

PIP supreme award winner

The Pride in Print judges had this to say…

‘Perfect embossing, structurally demanding and amazing attention to the design detail makes this job look like a piece of art—it has class written all over it. The skill and craft shown by the printer is world-class’.

At GSM—we think it’s world-class too!

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This article was originally published in GSM16. To read this and other great articles purchase this issue here.