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Quick Chat Creative – Tony Downing

tony downing

Industry veteran Tony Downing shares a few thoughts about why print is still very much relevant in marketing.

Tony DowningIn today’s digital age, where online advertising dominates the marketing landscape, it’s easy to overlook the power of print. A recent encounter at a local café reminded Tony Downing of print materials’ enduring influence and significance in promoting a business.

While enjoying breakfast at Bobby Franks in Nelson, I noticed three individuals enthusiastically flipping through the Nelson City Guide beside me. Curiosity sparked, I struck up a conversation and discovered that they were Australian visitors relying on the guide to plan their upcoming activities in the region. Their excitement and praise for the guidebook reinforced my belief that printed materials still have a vital role to play in marketing strategies.

A Different Experience

In an increasingly cluttered digital environment, print possesses a unique ability to cut through the noise and convey a higher value perception. The tactile experience of holding a booklet, feeling the texture of paper, and inhaling the scent of ink engages our senses in a way that a screen cannot. By relying on reflected light instead of projected light, print provides a different and more immersive experience.

Printed materials also offer a platform for autonomous communication, granting businesses greater control over their content. Unlike digital platforms, there are no intrusive ads or random messages interrupting what you want to convey. This enables companies to curate their narrative effectively and ensure their target audience receives the intended information.

Not Either/Or but Both

Of course, this is not to say that screens have no value in marketing. It is not an either or situation. The true power lies in recognizing and harnessing the unique advantages of both mediums. A well-rounded marketing strategy embraces a combination of print and digital, leveraging their respective strengths to achieve optimal results.

GSM would like to thank Tony Downing @Downing | Creative Marketing, Nelson for his contribution to GSM magazine.

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