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rawson print & packaging

andrew price rawson print coAndrew Price from Rawson Print & Packaging joins us to discuss the importance of diversification and sustainability within the print industry, as well as re-branding.


In 2022, Sydney-based Rawson Print & Packaging produced the Ball & Doggett 2023 calendar, showcasing work from last year’s BJ Ball and Ball & Doggett Student Design Contest. As part of this, they opened the doors to the student winners and invited them to see their work come to life. This was a great learning opportunity that was well-received. To acknowledge that the team at Rawson went above and beyond—we decided to return and talk shop, and as it turns out—there’s been a bit going on… 

2023 calendar

GSM: We believe Rawson Print & Packaging has recently re-branded—what prompted this decision? And what changes does this mean for you?

AP: We don’t really see it as a re-brand but rather as a brand refresh. It was an opportunity to provide some clarity around the packaging side of our business. We have continued to invest and grow that side of the business for a number of years and we wanted to make sure our brand reflected who we are and what we do.

packagingPackaging—particularly environmentally sound solutions and alternatives to single-use plastics— is booming. Meeting the demands of this sector however, requires a complete service. For us, that means sampling, mock-ups and construct design. But there will be more coming as we look towards this sector as part of our future plans

GSM: What are some of the changes and new services the company now provides?

AP: As our packaging business has evolved so have our services for that market segment. We now offer sampling, mock-ups and industrial design to assist packaging customers. Our customers can also expect to see new product offerings that will compliment what we currently offer… watch this space! 

rawson print & packaging

GSM: What are some of the key trends within the print space you are seeing?

AP: We are definitely noticing brands wanting to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and so they are seeking quality and environmental accredited printers. Consumers are a lot more environmentally conscious. Plus brands want to provide evidence of their commitment by using accredited resources that can be quantified and demonstrated.

GSM: How is Rawson Print & Packaging meeting these trends?

AP: Being accredited for FSC and ISO and being able to measure and demonstrate our own commitment to sustainability and renewability is a great start! We have also been working with Ball & Doggett on a
carbon calculator to help clients work out the carbon footprint on a project by project basis.

GSM: How do you believe print offers a key point of differentiation to businesses? 

AP: Print is truly the most renewable and sustainable form of communication. If businesses want to connect with their consumers in an environmentally responsible way which is also engaging, tactile and permanent, print is the answer. Print also has the ability to be personalised and can connect with digital channels through QR codes, so it really is a versatile way to engage with customers.

GSM: Sustainability and the environment is an important topic—what measures does Rawson print & Packaging take to meet this market demand?

AP: On an industry level it is incumbent on all of us to educate our customers on the inherent sustainable and renewable nature of print. It is definitely an important topic, and more so a way of life which is why it features in our values. We have committed to continuously improve our sustainability and engage in initiatives that challenge us to improve.

GSM: What can the industry expect from the business in the coming months?

AP: Our business development team is focused on educating our new and existing customers on packaging sustainability and how to leverage the environmental benefits of renewability and the reliability of local

GSM: And finally, you dedicated a lot of time to the winners of our Student Design Contest last year. We know they learnt a lot—but what impressions did you take away from the experience?

AP: It was great to hear the students expressing how being there in person didn’t compare to any videos they saw online about the print and production process. It is very rewarding to be able to give back to the
industry in the form of educating students. Plus, it’s essential that the students understand the intricacies of the print process for when they enter into the industry. It makes the time spent connecting with industry
a valuable experience.

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GSM would like to thank Andrew Price, Managing Director @Rawson Print & Packaging, Sydney, for contributing to GSM magazine.

This article was originally published in GSM21. To read this and other great articles purchase this issue here.