Environment & Sustainability

Deforestation, Reforestation & Sustainable Forestry

reforestation sustainable

What does it all mean? And how does this relate to sustainable paper? We all know that well-managed sustainable forests have multiple benefits for our planet. Forests represent some of the richest biologically diverse areas on Earth. They play a critical role in regulating the climate, population growth and economy. And, of course, what is more soothing for the soul than a forest walk? In 2021, the United Nations hosted the Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. Here, they announced there would be renewed focus, and a global commitment, on the subject of Deforestation. Deforestation Deforestation is the activity of...

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Going Carbon Neutral in Print

Carbon neutral

For businesses taking the next step in their sustainability journey, there are some new solutions... Goodman (NZ) Limited (Goodman) is the manager of the NZX-listed Goodman Property Trust. The Trust owns and develops warehouse and logistics facilities in key locations across Auckland. When Goodman announced their Toitū Envirocare1 carbonzero certified organisation status this year, they didn’t stop there. They have been tracking their greenhouse gas emissions since 2009, as part of a wider sustainability strategy. It recognises that to become a truly sustainable, resilient and low carbon real estate business they need long term thinking guiding their actions. Wherever possible,...

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The Carbon Neutral Balance

"Going Carbon Neutral" is something we tend to associate with the change-over from petrol to electric cars - but does this relate to paper and the print industry? In our efforts to tackle Climate change, Sir David Attenborough has warned that ‘the future of humanity, and indeed all life on earth, now depends on us’. Powerful words that have resonated around the world. So, in battling climate change—what role do we play as a collective industry? We know that, unlike many manufactured products, paper is a  sustainable resource. Paper is also one of the most recycled materials on the planet....

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Degradable, Biodegradable, Compostable-What do they mean?


‘Soft’ eco-packaging materials are appearing on our supermarket shelves as brands look to do the 'right thing' by replacing single-use plastics. There are many types of degradable, biodegradable, compostable soft materials available - but what do these terms really mean? In GSM Re-Edit (pub. 2020) we looked at the concept of a Circular Economy and how we can significantly reduce landfill through smarter choices in materials, better recycling and reintroducing waste back into the manufacturing process. Part of creating a Circular Economy requires replacing synthetic materials with natural-based products that we can either recycle or biodegrade. This is particularly important...

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Compostable Courier Bags – Send Plastic Packing

HCF courier bag

We all know that we need to reduce our consumption of single use plastics. But what are viable alternatives? Here's a new product that will send plastic packing! Here at BJ Ball, we send out a significant number of courier parcels per year. Like many businesses, smaller sized parcels make up the bulk of our outgoing deliveries. Historically, these went out using custom printed plastic courier bags - something we were not overly thrilled about. Wanting a greener solution, we put our feelers out through our global supply network to source an alternative. Here it is! The new BJ Ball...

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Uashmama – Sustainability & Washable Paper

Uashmama Washable Paper Bags

In GSM10 we looked at a very different use for paper - washable paper! It is a story of family, a cottage industry and sustainability. How a unique washable paper, that feels like leather but washes like fabric, rejuvenated a village. "On a small Tuscan terrace eating under an umbrella of grapevines I discovered the 'Le Sorelle' bread bag. Today we know it as UASHMAMA", explains Casey Languillon, co-founder of UASHMAMA Australia. Le Sorelle (italian for the sisters) is a small family run company based in Montecatini, Italy. It all came about when four sisters embarked on a journey to...

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An Eco-friendly Alternative to Bubble wrap

Geami Greenwrap Eco-friendly Alternative

When it comes to caring for the environment making just one small change can have a positive effect on our world! David Goodrich and Michael Hurwitz’s are great believers in this. What they didn't realise was that their one small change would actually become a business venture for them. They were looking for an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Their business was to safely transport glass containers of blood. But, they didn't want to use plastic. There had to be an eco-friendly alternative. Alternative to Bubble Wrap Together, they came up with the idea of using cells to dissipate shock....

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MATE ACT NOW – Driving Climate Change

MATE ACT NOW is a co-ordinated response of over 150 designers from some of the world’s top creative studios. It's initial aim was to drive climate change in response to the 2019/20 Australian bushfires. However,  the global outbreak of Covid-19 recontextualised it to something bigger! GSM talks with Chris Flack, from Strategy Design, Christchurch, about the reasons why he initiated “Mate ACT NOW”, how it all came together and what the response has been… Chris, you’re obviously passionate about saving the environment but why did you decide a poster campaign could help? [caption id="attachment_4679" align="alignleft" width="300"] Chris Flack[/caption] We had...

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging – Eco 6 Pack Ring

Plastic waste is a severe problem around the world. As we strive to move to a Circular Economy innovative companies search to replace plastic with environmentally friendly packaging. Here's an example... One of the major offenders is the plastic six pack ring. We've all seen images of turtles or birds ensnared in them. But it's not just the visible suffering of the animals which is of concern. The hidden danger is what happens to the plastic as it breaks down.  More than 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. As it breaks down, research suggests...

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Innovative Printing and Social Responsibility

Printing with Citronella Ink

Here at GSM magazine, we like to research innovative ideas for the use of paper and printing. We call it The Big Idea. In GSM12 we see how a daily newspaper in Sri Lanka used ink to combat Dengue Fever. According to the World Health Organisation, dengue fever is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases on the planet. This mosquito-borne virus causes a severe flu-like illness. In some cases it can be fatal. In 2014, Sri Lanka experienced an epidemic of the disease. This prompted the government to initiate National Dengue Week. Printing for the Social Good Mawbima is...

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