BJ Ball Student Design Contest 2021

student design contest

The BJ Ball Student Design Contest was back in 2021— Here's a Look at the 12 Winning Entries... For many years the BJ Ball Calendar was a mainstay design contest for any Tertiary student studying graphic design in New Zealand. The premise was simple—submit a design that answers the brief. Following the contest, the 12 winning entries were featured in the calendar, which went out to print companies and design studios around the country. For the winning students, this meant industry recognition. For BJ Ball, the calendar was a platform to showcase a range of paper stocks. A win-win situation....

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From Study to Studio – How to make the transition….

GSM chats with Josiah Rees, 2020 Gold Pin winner at Best for student graphics. We ask the question.... What's it been like transitioning from study to the 'Real World'? Kia ora, I was born and raised in Ōtautahi, Christchurch, with a designer for a dad, Dad introduced me to InDesign at around the age of 14. Some of my earliest designs were the cover of my year 10, school leaver’s magazine and a logo, or two. Some of which my dad included in some concepts for his clients. From then on I was set on design and it was a...

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The BJ Ball Student Design Contest – From Brief to Print

Student Design Contest

The BJ BALL Student Design Contest is back - and better than ever! Designing for print is an essential skill for graphic designers in the commercial world. For design students, however, the complexities and costs involved mean that gaining real world experience is often prohibitive. Cue BJ Ball, who last year resurrected their Calendar Design Competition. For those of you too young to know, this was a staple event within the extended Vis Com curriculum many years ago. Their aim was to give design students an opportunity to have their creations brought to life using real world print. From Brief...

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